Snowblowing the road

It is interesting to see how the road changes with the weather. We have had a lot of snow the last couple weeks, probably 10″ or more. The common part of the road has been really good the whole time, but it hasn’t looked like anybody has plowed it. I think the snow had just been being pressed down into even layers. However, we have recently been having some warmer weather, and with that the road has turned to garbage. The snow is softening up and is now turning into ruts instead of a nice even layer. There have been a couple spots that I thought we might get stuck in. My wife’s grandparents will be coming over soon and I am concerned that the ruts will freeze solid and make the road hard to traverse. Tonight I just took the tractor out and snowblowed a 9-10′ wide path (down and back). It wasn’t nearly as fast as a plow would be, but I have a snowblower and not a plow. It is nice being able to clear the 1/2 mile back to the house without issue and be self reliant in that way. For most people a plow would be better than a snowblower on the tractor, but once I get to the house I don’t really have a place to PUT all the snow that a plow would generate (unless I were to clear out a few sections of trees to open it up). As narrow as my driveway is I figured a snowblower would be much better, yet I still have the ability to clear a half mile of road to get out when needed. I did not get a time on how long it took, but since I was clearing soaked snow (from the 35 degree days) it was QUITE heavy and I did have to go slower than normal. It may have taken me 30-40 minutes to do, but still it is nice to be able to get out in such a situation without HAVING to rely on somebody else or hire a plow (and I have no idea what a plow would cost to do 1/2 mile of road!).

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