Ice rink getting some use

We recently had warm weather and rain which helped to melt and smooth out the snow that was on the ice rink (that I hadn’t had a chance to remove before that rain came), now its frozen again but warm enough that the kids can be out there for quite a while. The last couple days the kids have been out there for 1-2 hours a day skating, sliding, and playing. I’m not sure we quite have got our money’s worth out of it yet, but we are starting to get there. Just in time for this coming week’s weather in the 40’s , nearly 50’s . Doh! A week of that won’t help my ice conditions. I don’t know what happened, December was MUCH colder, now January is much warmer. Doh! Thats okay, we’ll use it while we can, do other stuff while the weather is warm.

Not all is lost though, melting the top will let me get out some of the sticks and leaves that recently fell in, melted down 1/4″, then froze in again. Plus, I am enjoying the warmer weather for getting outside and (attempting) hunting some squirrels. Not that I had any luck, but it was nice to get out. Yesterday was COMPLETELY still, not even the slightest breeze, and about 30 degrees. It was great for just sitting in the woods. I saw a squirrel, but it was too close (maybe 20 feet) and there was no way I’d be able to get it with the 22 hornet. I had one shot, but it was in the air with no backstop. I also saw a squirrel a hundred yards away with a ton of branches in the way. I am seeing the merit of the Savage 24 with something like a 22lr/22mag/22 hornet and 20 or 12ga. It’d let you shoot close and in the air, or long distance. Chiappa has something, but only 22lr/22mag, not 22 hornet. While I don’t much care for the 22 hornet that  have (not real accurate, feeds from the mag HORRIBLY), I like the cartridge. You can down load it to 22 levels, or get up to 3000 fps and hunt deer (selectively) with it. I’m not sure that I’ll get such a thing unless I find a great deal, I’ll probably just make do with my current 22 or 22 hornet.

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