Finally some nice weather! Pulled a tree out of the ground

The last couple weekends have been rainy on the weekends and beautiful during the week. Finally we had a weekend that had some good weather! So, I decided to take advantage of it. First step was to remove the boards from the ice skating rink. Of course, I couldn’t find my drill that had the right bit in it, so I distracted myself with another task instead. I had an 8″ or so white oak that was in the way the past two winters, making it hard to back up in the driveway, particularly when another vehicle is here. So, I decided to pull it out of the ground. I didn’t want to deal with the stump though, so I pulled the whole thing OUT rather than cut it down. I dug down a couple feet to try to loosen up the roots and then used my synthetic braid dyneema rope and a few pulleys to get a 4:1 mechanical advantage. I put a chain in the tree as high up as I could reach standing in the bucket, probably 12 feet or so up.

I gave it all a good pull using my back blade for some extra weight. I was able to get a good lean on the tree, but it was far from coming out. I dug out by the roots a bit more by hand and started cutting them with a sawzall. NOW I was making some progress! When I kept tension on the rope and cut 4 or 5 it started to move a bit each time. I still wasn’t able to pull it, but when I found a root split off and went straight down. When I cut that one I was finally able to pull the tree over completely! Now, I spent a few hours on this project, but that isn’t bad considering I was able to get the whole stump out of a pretty decent sized tree. Though if I had rigged the snatch blocks a bit differently I could have gotten a 6:1 advantage and that may have made the difference too. I also spent an hour or so grading the road, focusing on a couple particularly bad areas trying to get them to drain better.

Today I took advantage by doing a bit of welding. I welded a handle on the welder itself (it was hard to roll around not having a handle!) using some random 1″ tubing I had that had already been cut to equal lengths. I think I picked it up from the scrap yard and thought it might be handy having some precut equal length tubes. Indeed it was. Then, I modified my back blade so that it’d fit better with my quick hitch I got for Christmas. The hook didn’t fit well at the 3 point top link location, but that is 3″ higher than what a quick hitch top pin should be. So, I cut out a reinforcement plate (the plasma cutter I got for nearly free some time back made quick work of that), then I took some 1.25″ round bar and welded it in place (if only it were as easy as it sounds, but it was fun work). Its much easier to grab now, but you definitely cant pick it up from the seat of the tractor still (there isn’t enough extra clearance, maybe 1/4″ max). But, the quick hitch is much easier to use now and it beats the pants off of hooking up the 3 point manually. I’ll need to do the same modification on the generator’s carry-all as well to get the same thing.

I’ve now found my drill, so maybe another nice day I’ll get the ice skating rink boards taken down. Of course, its now supposed to rain for the next several days! One of those days will be good to get another rabbit cage built since I’ll want at least two for when I find the right deal (one for males, one for females). I should probably also get a hanging thing built for them, but at least that is optional. Having a cage isn’t! I need to get a couple springs for hooks for the doors, but the cage itself is pretty easy to do. Worst case I could use wire to close the doors in transit. I should also find a plastic tray to go under them so if the rabbits pee or poo it won’t get in my car (I may or may not be able to fit them on my cargo carrier, that is yet to be determined).

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