So I’ve been looking at getting rabbits for several weeks now, I had made a cage a week or two back so I’d have one ready to go in case I find the right deal. I had been looking for a specific breed or two, but yesterday I really lucked out. On facebook I found somebody who was getting rid of four meat rabbits for FREE! They were changing up breeds and these had been the sister’s but she went off to school. So, I of course was quite interested in this deal! Last night I worked on making more cages, I got a second and third completed. After a DR appointment tonight I met the people and brought the rabbits home, three does and a buck. Tonight for the last 3 or more hours I made a hanging frame to hang the cages from, I modified the cages to add doors, added the feeders, and made a fourth cage.

The kids loved playing with the rabbits, two of them have a good temperament so they will be the kids. I think I’ll breed one of them soon to see how raising babies is. All 4 are unrelated so I could go quite a while breeding these (I could use the bucks from the first doe to breed the second, those bucks to the third, those does to the original buck, etc). I don’t know that I’ll do that much breeding though, at least not for a while. I didn’t realize how BIG a 10lb rabbit is, plus I am not sure if the family will be able to bring themselves to eating a rabbit, even if it isn’t the “pet” ones. I don’t want to go whole hog until I know how well this is going to work.

My cages aren’t anything special, there are plenty of youtube videos on how to make one. I have probably $20 in each cage, they are currently hanging about 3-4 feet off the ground. I’ll need to get some pictures up, but I’ll likely wait until I have some idea if I’m even somewhat successful raising these things.

My thinking was that the ducks may be disappearing and not making babies (only two are left and they are pekins, they are poor mothers), but the rabbits should be able to multiply quite well and they do all the work themselves. After a month the babies would be born, two to three months later they’d be ready to harvest (and should yield 20 lbs of meat from 6 or 7 kits). But, I think I’ll wait until at least a month after babies are born before I look to breeding again just to make sure everything is going smoothly (and make sure I don’t have any steep learning curves keeping the kits alive).

So, over the next couple months be looking for some updates on rabbits!

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