Rabbits getting used to me

So after a couple weeks it feels like the rabbits are getting used to me a bit. I’m no longer getting nipped at, though one still makes me hesitate because she kind of charges my hand. I’m no longer convinced it is aggression, but I’m not sure. They are getting to the point I can occasionally pet them, one (Oreo) seems to be very friendly and will come up to the cage door. I can even get my hands under her belly, but as soon as her feet leave the ground she freaks out and starts kicking.

The J feeders from tractor supply are working well, though in the rain they do let a bit of water in which turns the feed to mush. I’ll need to get a better overhang or a bit of a back wall on the structure at some point. For now I just don’t fill the feeders very full, particularly if it looks like it will rain in the near future.

My siphoning water jug to the rabbit nipples is working well. I did have one mishap though. I have two jugs T’d in to one another. One has an entry down low, one has an entry up high. I filled one jug, but then I tightened the lid too high. It caused enough suction on the high tank that it killed the siphon. When the low tank dropped below the water nipple then the rabbits lost water. Fortunately I was out there and noticed, but they still probably went without water for most of a day! That would have been a BIG DEAL in hot weather. For prevention I will likely put a small hole in the lid so it will let air in.

The family is loving their rabbits, so we will see how this goes when it actually comes time to raise babies to eat. I may be the only one eating them, or it may be only if I cook it and not tell anybody that its rabbit. I should probably breed them soon so we can get that meat process started sooner than later!

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