Tractor refueled – tractor usage tracking

I thought I would start a log of the kinds of things I use my tractor for in case anybody was thinking about getting one. Today I put 5 gallons in (tank holds 7, not quite full) and I have 125.8 hours on the meter. I took possession in November of 2015, so I have had it just over a year and a half. One main reason of getting it was for the snow blower, but I don’t think I have 5 hours of snowblowing use on it since we have had two MILD winters!

For those not familiar, my tractor is a Kubota B2650, one of the larger compact tractors. I went with this for the extra ground clearance and lift capacity of the loader over the smaller B series. I have 10 acres, I wanted something not TOO big so I can toodle around in the woods, but something big enough to do some serious work. I didn’t think the BX series or the Deer 1025 type ┬átractors would do much of what I wanted.

I didn’t track where I was earlier in the season, but this spring I have spent 2 or 3 hours grading the road, pulling the trailer to haul firewood (my beater truck is down with rusted brake lines and the trailer is lower and easier to load anyhow). I also used it tonight for digging out a couple areas to plant some asparagus plants in. I dug for 2 or 3 hours to make a trench on the back property line and then filled up beside to make a berm for privacy from anyone who may walk that back property line. I made it probably 40 feet or so, ultimately I’d like to get the whole back end of my property. I want the height difference between the trench and the berm to be higher than eye level, its a foot shy of that right now. To help establish that berm, I dug up a couple trees and scoops of dirt / blackberry plants from one end of my property and plopped them down on the berm on the back end.

So, each time I refuel that will be a great trigger point to put up a post with the hours I’m at and how long I spent. That won’t be too frequently, 5 gallons lasts 7+ hours of engine time, and 7 hours of engine time usually ends up being 10-15 hours of whatever I am actually doing (setting up implements, turning tractor off while I do intermediate steps of projects, etc). I’d estimate that 5 gallons will last me a month or two depending on what projects I decide to work on.

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