Most recent project – basement partition

I thought originally this was going to bea winter project. After all, it is indoors and works when weather isn’t otherwise cooperating. Well, that did not happen. So despite the weather being pretty good these days, I decided I needed to finally get a partition put up in the basement. The reason for this has several aspects to it: keep the cat from puking all over my side, keep kids out (other people’s kids when we have visitors, I trust my kids around guns and they don’t bother my stuff), and also to give a bit more security and privacy to my guns and accessories. I am thinking here of when I have the building inspector come when I install the wood furnace come this fall (which I have wood from last year, but I am way behind schedule on wood this year having only done maybe 1/2 of a cord split and another 1/2-1 cord dropped and cut to length).

There was already a perfect spot for the wall where they put in a beam (and took out a temporary wall during construction), so I made that the dividing line. I put in a wall that was a bit taller than the floor to beam height to give rigidity to the partition as well as the floor above. It worked pretty well, but it was a beast to put in place (to do this I had to flex the wall to a parallelogram and then pound it in place with a sledge hammer). All fasteners to the floor or beam above I made to be removed (double headed nails or bolts) in case somebody wants to later remove the partition.

For having not really a HARD room, but more of a firm room, I lined the wall with plywood over the top of which I’ll put drywall. You could still get in it pretty easily, but not by just punching a hole in the wall. I made my own doors so I could have a 6′ wide french door, but without spending all the money and ending up with something made of glass. I still need to finish them (skin them with a nice looking plywood and trim to make them look more like a real door, as well as locks / knobs), but they are at least in place and keeping the cat out / and prying eyes.

I am not sure if I’ll eventually have a job where I can work from home, but if so, I can insulate the ceiling and walls and have a spot that is a bit quieter than the chaos that exists in a house with home-schooled children. It will also serve as a nice line of demarcation to (hopefully) keep my stuff contained to one area.

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