Tractor work: Pulling brush / trees

So a year or so back I bought this ” Brush Grubber” from Amazon thinking it would be real useful for pulling trees with the tractor. While it does work just dandy, I found that I preferred just wrapping a chain around the tree twice and just pulling it out that way. Recently I thought that it might be more useful with the tractor if I hooked it up to the quick hitch on the 3 point arms. On my B2650 the 3 point is rated at something like 2000lbs lift force at the arms, so it would have pretty good pulling power. The big advantage is not having to move around so much walking from tractor to tree then back to tractor, then all that to have the chain unhook itself occasionally (you do get the hang so it doesn’t happen much, but it does happen some). Even when things go well its still a lot of downtime.

So, I had a few extra hours after my family went to a park and I decided to give it a try. Well, it worked pretty awesome! Now, it won’t work on huge trees, shallow rooted trees it could handle 2-3″ at the base, oak trees were 1-2″. With some oaks I’d have to lift and then pull forward or backward depending which way the main roots were going. Still, most trees just came up and I was able to put it on and operate the 3 point lever while still on the ground. Then I could easily disconnect and move the tree. I thinned out in the back yard a bit to have a longer visual from the deck. I then also went along the trail on the property line and did the same (putting the trees in a pile on the property line).

Larger trees still need to be dug at the base to loosen roots and then pushed from high with the bucket or pulled with a chain 5-10′ up the trunk (pushing from two directions usually makes life MUCH easier). Still, the small stuff is much easier this way. So, I went from regretting the purchase to having a great use for it. I hook it up with about a 2′ length of chain with a hook on one end and the other end I use a shackle to hook to the brush grubber. The hook lets me shorten or lengthen after looping it over the center hook on the quick hitch. So now I can recommend the brush grubber if you intend on doing similar.

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