Got a boat!

Not that this is exactly along the theme of this general blog, but I wanted to share anyhow. I just picked up new boat, I am quite excited. Well, it was new 23 years ago, but its new to me. I’ve been wanting one for a while, bank fishing is pretty frustrating in the areas I’ve tried, and access is quite limited to the river. The boat is a bit of a fixxer upper, I got it knowing the rear deck needed to be replaced, so I was able to pick it up for less than the asking price. The guy jumped on it fairly quickly, I wish I had offered a couple hundred less. But, I still feel I got a pretty good deal, $2700 for the 1994 Bass Tracker with a 60 hp motor. I’ll spend around $400 fixing it up ($75 for a sheet of marine plywood (unless the main floor needs replaced, but this will cover front and rear decks), $180 for new carpet, $20 for misc supplies, $10 for fasteners, $40 for new seat mounts, $20 for fiberglass resin to seal the plywood so it’ll be a lasting fix, etc), but that is fine since I got it for $550 off the asking price due to the decking. I also had to put $30-40 in for rewiring the trailer and $35 for a new fuse box since the other one was so corroded there was no continuity even in the main bus, much less in the spring steel contacts.

So I have several hours of work ahead of me, but we took it out this past weekend and took the kids tubing, it worked great! It may not have enough power to pull the kids if they ever take up skiing, but for tubing and kneeboarding it should be fine. I also picked up a phenomenal deal on a trolling motor (a $1100 trolling motor for $450). Next year I may pick up fish-finder/sonar, but for this year I should be good. I will have some money left in the budget, but since that is just nice to have rather than key equipment it can wait to next year. Not that an $1100 trolling motor is key equipment, but SOME sort of trolling motor is.

Extra benefit, the boat had an anchor winch on the front the guy had no idea if it worked. Turns out it does work (at least when you hook up the wires correctly, it had both positive and negative on the same terminal), so that will be fairly nice as well being able to drop an anchor from the drivers seat.

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