Now I’m really breeding rabbits

So after a couple failed breedings (at least one of which was due to both rabbits being boys ,whoops), I think things are finally working out. I decided to try out the surprise boy and he is doing his job much more enthusiastically than the other boy was. He seemed more interested in cuddling than anything else. Well, that is definitely not the case with the surprise boy! I put the doe in the cage and he went straight at it and I got 2 fall-offs in not even a minute. I switched out does and he took a bit more time, but given 2 or 3 minutes with the un-cooperative doe we got a couple more falloffs. Neither doe seemed REALLY receptive, but I think the couple of fall-offs are a good sign. So if all goes well I should have a couple litters at he end of January.

Today is a high of 9 degrees and so far the rabbits are doing fine. My water system is even working decently now that I got all the leaks stopped up (I put zip ties on the silicone hose, though would have preferred hose clamps). The individual nipples were frozen, but the main lines were still flowing. So when I fed I dumped a pint or so of hot water on each nipple and that thawed it out for the rabbits to drink from. Do that again in the evening and they should have enough water but I’m not having to own a bunch of water bottles. I just have to fill the bucket every couple days and bring a small pail of hot water to dump on each one and its all good. When its 20 or higher I don’t even really have to do that, the nipples dont freeze up too much. Well, the two girls never freeze up, I’m thinking they must drink their water more frequently. The two boys do still get their water nipples frozen up at times. When we get the babies and I make a growout cage one or two water nipples would get enough use that they should never freeze up (plus they wouldn’t be old enough for that until early March so it should be warmer). Speaking of, I better get to work making another cage!

I hope you had some great time off and have some more coming up to spend with family. I am thankful to have a job that gives off several days at Christmas and New Years as it is nice to have some relaxation and time with family. I didn’t get a lot of projects done, but a couple small ones here and there I have knocked out. Hopefully you get done whatever you’ve been wanting (whether that is something productive or time with family)!

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