Tractor refueled – tractor usage tracking Dec

Yesterday while warming up the tractor to do some snow blowing the gauge dropped down to one bar so I went ahead and refueled at 140.0 hours. My last refueling post was from JUNE and I had 125.8 hours on it, so I put 14 hours on the 5 gallons. Things I’ve done during that 14 hours:

  • Pulled the trailer several times for firewood. Not many hours racked up I’m sure
  • Graded the road a few times this summer
  • Picked up my deer from the woods and hung it from the bucket while skinning
  • Snowblowed 2 or 3 times (this usually racks up around .3-.5 hours since it gets at least 5-10 minutes of warmup for the oil)
    • This included taking it down the 1/2 mile of road to get the end of the road area where the plows bury it and get some of the deep spots of the main road
  • Used for hauling firewood cutting tools to cut firewood. I prefer the tractor because I use the 3 point to lift up the tree when I pinch the saw and push over hung up trees
  • Used pallet forks for moving a couple items
  • Used the trailer hitch I welded on the quick hitch to move the boat for harder to reach areas
  • Pulled over some trees in clearing land and making videos
  • Moved my giant fire pit ring (visible in that video) back to the firepit area. It wouldn’t have been easy to move a 6′ floppy ring otherwise!

Since its been so long since I’ve refueled I am sure I’m missing some things, maybe I should only fill it with a couple gallons at a time!

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