About me

This will be the gathering point for my how-to guides for my projects, my blog about my thoughts, and the journey for one man’s quest to achieve his family’s own modern day homestead.

My youtube channel, where all the videos will be hosted, can be found at http://www.youtube.com/user/HandfulOfTranquility

I am a maker, I enjoy making new projects and pieces of projects. Sometimes practical, sometimes fun, typically interesting. You will see posts on food preservation, homesteading, gardening, guns, outdoors, fishing, metalworking, or whatever currently tickles my fancy. Much of this will be parts and pieces of the puzzle as I work my family towards our own homestead.

I’m not afraid to hop into something that is over my head, I will weigh the time, effort, cost, and benefits against what the likely consequences could be. I have learned a lot this way and saved myself a lot of money as well, particularly when it comes to working on cars. It costs me a lot of time, but since I’m early in my career it is easier to come up with a couple weekends of time than it is a boatload of money. If the consequences are likely small, I’m not afraid to fail.

Things I have done or do:

Rebuilt vw diesel engine (my 2nd time working on cars, 1st was changing my brake pads, yes, it took me a long time to do because of some issues, but I got it done!), change out clutch/transmission on my car (despite being poorly equipped in both knowledge and equipment), of course, turns out that wasn’t the issue, the splines on my transaxle rusted out, so I changed that too, taken up metal working on lathe and mill, put in a tile floor, redid my bathroom floor, changed out light fixtures/sockets/switches, added a socket, built my own antennae to receive HDTV for free and hooked it from my attic to my tv/computer, set my computer up as DVR, and a variety of other things that some people see as normal but others see as potentially dangerous/frightening. Our internet world makes taking things on SO much easier, there is a wealth of knowledge out there. I hope to be one small source since I love to take on new tasks and subjects.

We cant all be completely full of peace. I will settle for a handful of tranquility.