Working on a reloading bench

For some time now I’ve been having fun experimenting with shotgun reloading and different combinations. But, since I am EXPERIMENTING using a bunch of different hulls, different wads, different powders, and even different case lengths and gauges, it is more than a little bit of a mess in the basement. My reloading table is about 6′ wide and already has my dillon 650, my single stage press, and my powder measure on it. It is a bit small to hold 3 more shotgun presses! It was great for what it was intended; my dad built it for me after I graduated from college and at that time I had only the dillon. He designed it so it wouldn’t take up too much room in an apartment and so it could fit through standard sized doors so I’d be able to use and move it. In the last 10 years though my reloading has expanded. So, its time to get some additional space built.

Looking for ideas I found this cool bench that uses changeable inserts so things can be interchanged and stored out of the way when not in use. I thought that was a great idea, so right now [… click to continue reading this post]

Ice rink getting some use

We recently had warm weather and rain which helped to melt and smooth out the snow that was on the ice rink (that I hadn’t had a chance to remove before that rain came), now its frozen again but warm enough that the kids can be out there for quite a while. The last couple days the kids have been out there for 1-2 hours a day skating, sliding, and playing. I’m not sure we quite have got our money’s worth out of it yet, but we are starting to get there. Just in time for this coming week’s weather in the 40’s , nearly 50’s . Doh! A week of that won’t help my ice conditions. I don’t know what happened, December was MUCH colder, now January is much warmer. Doh! Thats okay, we’ll use it while we can, do other stuff while the weather is warm.

Not all is lost though, melting the top will let me get out some of the sticks and leaves that recently fell in, melted down 1/4″, then froze in again. Plus, I am enjoying the warmer weather for getting outside and (attempting) hunting some squirrels. Not that I had any luck, but [… click to continue reading this post]

Shooting and hunting – post Christmas catch-up

This year we went out of town for Christmas, and while I am not exactly the most popular blog in the world, I’d still rather not announce to the whole internet if I am going out of town until I am back. Anyhow, preparing for Christmas the pole barn is coming handy, it now houses my daughter’s trampoline she got for Christmas so that she’ll be able to use it even with snow on the ground. Up here you need to take the mat off or it can rip from the snow, so that wouldn’t have been much of a gift if she couldn’t have used it for 3 or 4 months.

After our trip to Missouri at Christmas I still had 5 or 6 more days off, that was really nice to be able to have a relaxing time after all that travelling. Particularly since the day we got back was at 1pm, but we barely had time to get out of the car before we had to leave for a doctor’s appointment (sadly, after 9 months of my wife being in pain every time she walks we are still no closer to an answer). Just before Christmas I [… click to continue reading this post]

Lots of shotgun reloading, and some medical issues

I’ve been absent a couple weeks, my wife has had some foot issues starting a couple months ago that have so far not been figured out going to a foot and ankle specialist, physical therapist, having an xray, bloodwork, and MRI, and other things done. She can barely walk around the house, so that has left a bit more for me both in work around the house and also spending more time with her and comforting her. My mother-in-law is a dear though and has been staying with us the last week or two to help my wife out, that has been a tremendous help. Pray for quick recovery, so far this thing has just gone downhill, maybe the podiatrist will figure it out.

In the free time I HAVE had, I’ve been doing a lot of reading and and working on loads for shotguns. My neighbor challenged me to come up with a high velocity buckshot load. This has proved challenging to say the least, not in small part because it is very important to follow shotgun recipes exactly*. My first problems started in the fact that I already had some primers on hand from when I picked up [… click to continue reading this post]