Bad water heater, deer hunting, and wood furnace update

I’ll start with the wood furnace: I’ve been burning wood for just over a month now and I think the propane furnace kicked on once during that time (and at that, its because I needed to change the schedule a bit to give myself more time in the morning to get the fire going). I am estimating I’ll use 240-300 gallons per year with water heating, clothes drying, and cooking, so the 60% left in my tank will last easily to the summer time so I can fill up when propane is cheaper. That saved me the $60 to lock in rates plus the multiple fills of propane (it would normally be filled twice totalling around 700 gallons over the winter). Its a good thing too because at the end of October I noticed my hot water was awful brown / red looking. Hot water on the left, cold water on the right. Yikes! Given that the water heater is original to the house (circa 2000) its probably time for a new water heater. So its a good thing I’ll be saving $1000+ on propane since thats about what I’ll be spending on a new water heater.



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